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The Fairways Golf Course

  • Fioretta Pinto
  • October 02nd, 2018
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    Adding this grip-down motion to your arsenal isn’t a difficult change to make. As you can see in the photo above I’ve choked down about six inches and the only other changes I’ve made are to stand slightly closer to the ball and use a little more knee bend.

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    I think most golfers do about the same. Where some differ is in prioritizing the read over everything else. That’s where I emphasize the second-to-last step of the putting process: Matching the putt speed to the break.

    The two keys to achieving this goal are to a) make sure your clubhead makes clean contact with the ball and b) select a safe escape route to your target that’s ahead of where you would have been with a better swing.

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    If you execute about a dozen of these escape swings on the range every time you practice you’ll quickly learn how punch shots typically react after impact. It’s critical to know—and be able to control—how far these shots fly and roll out. There’s nothing worse than hitting an escape shot “perfectly” only to see it carry too far or roll into even greater trouble.

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    Map Club Thorndale Fairway Uxbridge Challenge Fairways Links Maine Ruislip Location Ickenham Dutch Courses Spijk Rickmansworth Course The Locations All Golf Lazy

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    Ickenham The Links Courses Club Challenge Thorndale Spijk Fairways Lazy Location Dutch Locations Fairway Course Map Ruislip Maine Uxbridge Fortnite All Golf

    You OWN a pre-putt routine. That’s good — it’s essential to long-term success on the greens. I bet however that your routine (what you do after you’ve marked cleaned and replaced your ball) fails to include a preview stroke which is a practice stroke made with a clear intention of matching the length of your stroke to the putt you’re about to attempt.

    Gallery of The Fairways Golf Course

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