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Tommy Armour Golf

  • Livia Trentini
  • October 02nd, 2018
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    For this “Backspin vs. Lie” experiment you’ll need your lob wedge a tee and three balls. Select a 20- to 30-yard shot around a green that forces you to carry a bunker but that provides plenty of room between the apron and the pin.

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    Start by analyzing your grip. Building a hold that gives you trust and confidence is critical. And despite what you may hear there are no guidelines to crafting the right putting grip for you. My mantra: “The best way to putt is with the grip and stroke that helps you hole the most putts while also avoiding 3-putts.”

    It’s the same series of steps I followed for the putt in the photo at above right—a 25-foot downhiller on the seventh green at Shinnecock Hills. I read four feet of break from right to left. As such I aimed four feet right of the hole. After making a few practice strokes to dial in the correct speed I putted.

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    Of course a lot of players will successfully avoid the trouble and land their tee shots on the green. Even in this scenario No. 7 can still derail a player’s hopes of winning the championship. In fact you can stick it to four feet and still have problems.

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    This applies to weekend golfers and PGA and LPGA Tour professionals alike. So regardless of skill level the goal of every golfer should be to build an escape strategy that not only gets you out of trouble but gets you into a better position than you would have been in had your last swing not been a bad one. This keeps the damage caused be a poor swing to less than a stroke.

    Gallery of Tommy Armour Golf

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